This is the official website of Habib Yoghurt, Nigerians favorite Yoghurt manufactured by Habib Industries Limited - RC1092172

We are largely into production and sales of yoghurt (including related products), various liquid drinks and select agricultural commodities; however, our focus is more on processing of the Habib brand of Yoghurt and Fura from the milk processing and packaging same for sales to mostly sub-dealers and retail outlets, which includes Climax and Shoprite. The company has its own branded flagship products called Habib Fura.

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Our products are fortified with Vitamin A and meet very strict regulatory quality control and environmental guidelines.

Our Services

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Habib Restraunts

Our Restraunts are spread all over the nooks and crannies of major cities in Nigeria. For your delicious meals, do visit our restraunts.

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Habib Supermarkets

Looking for something? Household items or other items.
Habib supermarket is located all over major cities in Nigeria.

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Habib Farms

Our Farms are the major source of our raw materials.
It is also a dependable source of protein supply to the public.

Habib yoghurt is a unique and inviting mouth watering yoghurt with oustanding selections of frozen yoghurt and fresh toppings (FURA), it gives great taste and nourishing feelings.

Habib Yoghurt also comes in different sizes and containers that best suits the needs of a consumer and with the introduction of the new Pet Bottle 330ml, it tops it all.

Coming from a natural source, it is always recommended that it is refrigerated.

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